Frequently Asked

Aluminé® Hair Care

  • Where are Aluminé® products manufactured?

    We manufacture all our Aluminé products in the United States and Europe.

  • Who can use Aluminé® hair care products?

    Our hair care lines are suitable for anyone—male or female—who desires to improve overall hair health.

  • How often should I use shampoo?

    We recommend regular use for visible, long-lasting results. Our gentle formulas, which include nourishing botanical ingredients, are free of harsh chemicals and may be used daily without causing dryness. 

  • Why do I need conditioner?

    Conditioner is to hair what moisturiser is to skin and should be used regularly no matter your hair length or type. Its nourishing qualities strengthen hair, guarding against damages (chemical treatments, environmental factors and, styling products) while preventing breakage and reducing frizz. Conditioning hair creates a soft, healthy look, while adding maximum shine.

  • How should I use the Chinese Herbs™ Hair Care System?

    Simply massage the Chinese Herbs™ Stimulating shampoo into the scalp for two minutes; then rinse. Follow that with the Chinese Herbs™ Stimulating conditioner, leaving in for three to five minutes before rinsing. Then apply the Chinese Herbs™ Regenerating Scalp Serum twice a day, morning and evening, as a leave-in treatment.

  • How does the Chinese Herbs™ Regenerating Scalp Serum work?

    The Chinese Herbs™ Regenerating Serum acts as a nutritional supplement for the hair. The leave-in treatment has higher concentrations of active ingredients such as vitamins and antioxidants, which deeply penetrate hair. Apply to the scalp twice a day—once in the morning, the second time approximately 45 minutes before bed. The evening application allows your scalp to absorb nutrients during your body’s natural regeneration process.

  • Can I just use the Chinese Herbs™ Regenerating Scalp Serum by itself?

    For best results, we recommend using all three Chinese Herbs™ Regenerating Hair Care products. Each step in the system contains potent, effective ingredients designed to help strengthen hair for healthy growth.

  • Is it true that I need to regularly change the shampoo I use to prevent my hair from getting used to it and reducing its efficacy?

    Using the same shampoo and conditioner all the time doesn’t reduce or change its effectiveness. Consistent use of a complete hair care product line will only improve your hair over time. However, hair type may change over the course of your lifetime due to factors like chemical treatments, climate, and styling tools. In that case, switch hair care products accordingly. Aluminé offers a complete portfolio of hair care lines for every hair type and condition. 

  • How does the Goji Berry Amplifying Treatment Mist work?

    This nourishing leave-in treatment helps detangle, hydrate, and add volume to hair. Its powerful antioxidant ingredients, like the Goji berry, help revitalise and nourish damaged hair. Use the treatment mist daily by applying to damp hair after shampooing and conditioning. Then simply comb and style. You can also use the treatment mist on dry hair. 

  • Why should I use the Sea Silk Volumising Styling Mousse?

    The Aluminé® Sea Silk Volumising Styling Mousse provides volume as well as a touchably soft hold. The product incorporates sea silk, a vegetable protein from marine algae that brings out the hair’s lustrous shine. It also contains burdock root, used for centuries in Europe to strengthen hair from root to end. The formula’s rice proteins naturally expand the diameter of every strand for a thicker appearance, while Vitamin B7 promotes further hair growth and cell development to enrich thin, dry, or damaged hair.

    After shampooing and conditioning, apply two to three pumps of the styling mousse to towel-dried hair. Then blow dry, and style as usual.

  • Why are botanical oils good for my hair?

    Botanical oils deeply nourish hair, protecting it and increasing its resilience, while minimising breakage and reducing frizz.

    Every product in the Aluminé® portfolio includes essential botanical oils derived from plants and seeds. Our use of advanced extraction methods result in lighter-weight formulas that promote maximum absorption. Botanical oils include baobab oil, Argan oil, and macadamia oil.

  • Are Aluminé® products safe for colour-treated hair?

    Aluminé® formulates products with botanical ingredients that are free of abrasive chemicals. Our sulphate-free formulas help preserve colour, while gentle cleansers add softness, body, and shine without damaging your hair.

  • Are Aluminé® products 100% natural?

    No. We base our Aluminé® formulas on botanical principles and enrich them with organic ingredients. These high-quality products combine the best of cutting-edge technology with the best of nature to deliver results that don’t compromise your well-being.  

  • Aluminé® products are 100% vegan. What does this mean?

    We at ACN and Aluminé® are committed to formulating products without any animal ingredients, and we never test our products on animals. 

  • What are parabens and why should I avoid them?

    Parabens are a preservative commonly used in the personal care industry to prolong the shelf life of a product. The concern is that these preservatives—which can mimic estrogen—build up in a person’s body, posing a health risk. Research has found paraben accumulation in cancer biopsies. That’s why, at Aluminé® and ACN, you won’t find any ingredient that contains the word “paraben.”

  • What is the shelf life of the Aluminé® hair care products?

    All Aluminé® products have a shelf life of three years (36 months) if stored properly away from sunlight and heat. 

  • What is the “period after opening” symbol?

    Our commitment to safety is one of the things that sets us apart. This symbol gives the consumer a guideline for how long (in months) the product remains safe after being opened for the first time.